Thursday, June 20, 2013

MTC - Week 2

Dear Family,
There's not nearly as much to say this week. Everything is the same as it was last week. All we do is study, eat, sleep and laugh. I live on the top floor of my residence and my classroom is on the top floor too, so I get plenty of stairs to scale as I go from my room to class to breakfast to class to room to class etc. I have been sick this week though and so I haven't been sleeping well. Sinuses. I'm just waiting until tomorrow to go to the doctor so that it has been 10 days and they'll give me antibiotics.
Some Elders in our zone were supposed to leave to go to Argentina this week but alas, didn't get their visas (well the one from Canada did. I guess Argentina likes the Canadians better, eh?) Their temporary assignment is Salt Lake-and they're from Utah. One of their dad's even works in the mission boundaries. So don't count Utah as out of the running.
So Dad wanted to know more about the choir. It's about 1300 missionaries and 1100 members since the theme of the meeting is members working with missionaries. We practice on Sunday and then before devotional on Tuesday. They just started practicing the songs for the broadcast the week I got here so the missionaries that came in later than me are out of luck. At the last practice the director wanted us to get in a better mindset so that we would sing better so he had us stand up at a certain part of the song based on what continent we'd be serving. It was so cool to see and just made things more real for me. I'm really excited for the broadcast! It will be great. There are tons of rumors floating around here that they're going to make an announcement even bigger than the age change, but I'm doubtful of that. The Elders in our district are hoping they'll be able to pass the sacrament to the general authorities and mission presidents on Sunday before the broadcast.
Mom, I'm sure you'd be glad to know that all the sisters love Relief Society here. They invite a guess speaker from like the RS or YW general boards and they are always fantastic! We get to watch Music and the Spoken word before they speak too, so that's really nice! The devotional on Sunday was at the Wyview campus so they streamed it to the main campus.
Our teacher, Hermana Williams challanged us to pray to know how God had prepared us for serving a mission. I'm really grateful as I look and see just how many things got me ready for this experience. Moving to Canyon Rim was a big one especially because of the ward and Skyline. There are so many teachers and friends that helped me become ready to be a missionary!
My companion, Hermana Howard, got interviewed by the Salt Lake Tribune about the computer software we use to learn Spanish. So maybe keep an eye out for that article and if you see it send it to me.
We taught quite a few lessons this week. Each one seems to get a little better as we teach with more unity and follow the Spirit better. We practiced answering doubts in class and the Elder we were working with was supposed to be afraid of the water so didn't want to get baptized. He explained that once when he was in the ocean a pescado grande attacked him and pulled him under the water and he almost drown. But in Spanish there are two words for fish. A live animal-pez and one you would eat-pescado. So we all got a kick out of a huge dead fish attacking him. One man we taught, Franco whose wife is a member kicked us out at first. The way our teacher described it, we thought we had an appointment with him but when we got there he said he didn't know anything about an appointment and that we couldn't come in. We tried to get him to let us in but he wouldn't so all we could do was try to make another appointment. He shut the door in our face but he gave us a second chance and it actually turned into a great lesson. We followed the Spirit and were able to be BOLD which is something they've stressed in the devotionals and classes and such. When he mentioned how he didn't care about having a testimony of his "wife's church" we set him straight as we told him that it's not la Iglesia de su esposa o la Iglesia de las misioneras. Es la Igleslia de Jesucristo. That was enough to get him to start paying attention and actually listen to our message. We also have a progressing investigator, Luz that things are going well with. We did TRC too which is when you get to talk to a member volunteer and practice Spanish as you give a spiritual lesson. That was really great and uplifting as we talked about how we have to trust in God's plan even though it's not the plan we have for ourselves.
In some of our study we talked about prayer as a tool of conversion and we read in the Bible Dictionary what it says about prayer. I encourage you to look it up.
Well that's all the time I have.
Much Love,
Hermana Pearson

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