Monday, April 28, 2014

Coming Soon, Disneyland's New Attraction: "The Baptismal Font"

Maria Jose got baptized on Saturday. But it was a little hectic up until then. She came on Saturday to the church and we went over the interview questions with her. We were with a member since we can't be with kids alone, but she started feeling sick and had to leave. So we went on a search for another member right as the Elder got there. Luckily there is a less active member that lives close and we got to her house and she said she could come. So we all enter and she follows the Elder to the next room and the next thing we know she ran out crying. To help her calm down, her sister Sofia went in to do the interview to set the example even though she won't be getting baptized until next week. Maria Jose calmed down and when it was her turn she started crying again. After 5 attempts she finally agreed but only if we came with her. But she gave the best answers! We're working with her whole family. Her dad is an alcoholic member and her mom and 3 older siblings are all non-members. 

That night she came with Sofia and her grandma. She had the cutest little smile and when we went out back to the swimming pool/font, she was so giddy you'd think she was on her way to Disneyland!

I got word that back in El Carmen, Ismael got baptized! Aww I'm soo happy for him. I knew since the first time we taught him, that he was a chosen! 

Whoops ran out of time again. Much love and extra love for my sister and her new baby Katelyn! 

Monday, April 21, 2014

This message is for you too!

A couple of weeks ago, none of our investigators came to church and we were like, okay how are we gonna get someone, so we went to the street and started inviting people. We found a drunk, who is a member. He refused our invitation but said he wanted us to teach his daughters Sofia and Maria Jose. We have been teaching them and they are really sweet and have come to church the past two weeks. We we able to talk to the dad when he was sober and the girls weren't there and talked about repentance and the experience of Alma the Younger, but he just stayed quiet and refused our invitations. The next day we went, he was super drunk and was saying things like, can't you see, this is just who I am and that he can't change. But we told him how it is, that he can change and if he really loves his daughters like he says he does, he'd dump out his wine carton. The next day he came home, drunk, at the end of our lesson and he said he wanted to pray. (Which was so different from before because he always said “teach my daughters, but me, NO.”) And his prayer was so sincere. He said “my body is too weak to change, but my spirit needs to change. I need to go back to church.” He told us as we were leaving that he was on the border of not leaving to drink but he did anyway. It all made me so sad but I have a lot of hope for the changes he'll be able to make. He just needs to realize this gospel is for EVERYONE!

This week was Holy Week, it really wasn't celebrated much more than selling ramos branches on Palm Sunday and chocolate eggs too. It made me sad that people didn't know why we said that this Sunday would be special. People saw the Mel Gibson movie about Christ because I guess they played it a lot on TV and so many people mentioned it pained them to see but it just doesn't sink much deeper than that with many people. They just don't understand. On Good Friday, the Catholic church across the street was doing some service and we could hear it from our pension. I heard something like “During this day we remember the pain that crucifixion of Jesus Christ caused to His virgin mother.” But that was about the extent of the celebrations here. The people were too preoccupied celebrating the win of Bella Vista's soccer team. They were setting off fireworks and there was a parade of cars and a bus honking their horns.

We had interviews with Presidente Levrino and the things he said definitely helped me. I told him how I can feel the Spirit guide me daily but when it comes to teaching with the Spirit I don't know if I'm teaching with sufficient power. He said something along the lines of “We can never stop being amazed by the presence of the Spirit.” He talked about how as we teach and pray day in and day out, sometimes we are so used to the Spirit that we don't recognize it like we should. After that, I was thinking more about teaching these people and not so much about teaching these lessons and I really felt the Spirit in every lesson. It's so true, we can let ourselves stop being amazed by the Spirit. What a great gift we have as confirmed members of Christ's Church, that we really have such a unique and constant guide. Let's not forget the power it has!

Much love!

Celebrating with Sister Vargas

Monday, April 14, 2014

Just call us gypsies!

Last week we fasted for one of our investigators and we felt so sure she was going to get baptized even though she told us no. We set up everything she needed even the interview and she still said no. But really we knew we have put in all that we could have and that we don't carry the blame. It reminds me of how Preach My Gospel talks about how sometimes even if we have exerted all our strength and done all that we can, we experience disappointments BUT those disappointments aren't in ourselves. I think that is really something that applies to all aspects of our lives. It's almost certain that things won't go how we plan but when the maximum effort is there we have a different and distinct disappointment.

Well our investigator didn't get baptized...YET... But we saw the miracles of fasting in so many other ways. More members were willing to visit people with us, we recieved more referrals, we contacted more people, more people accepted the invitation to be baptized, more people committed to come to church.

One day we went to contact a referral and the lady told us that she thought we were gypsies. It's gotta be the skirts!

I know mom that you'll be disappointed with how short this letter is but I don't know what more to say. The only thing new is that I'm sick. Haha and that's really not too interesting.

Much Love,
Hermana Pearson  

Monday, April 7, 2014

It's the most wonderful time of the year

So I was a bit too much like my mom and cried through all of General Conference. It was just so inspiring and exactly what I needed. One of the investigators we brought afterwards said it was not what she was expecting. That they were just normal people who talked about things we already know. It made me so sad that she didn't realize the power in those words. How when we listen it's not really about what they say but what God tells us personally AS we listen to their inspired words. It made me think about how people have always rejected God's prophets. Or how the Jews said the same things about Jesus. He wasn't what they expected because he came from humble circumstances. But it doesn't change the fact that He was indeed the Son of God. It really showed me that it all has to do with our desires. If we go with intentions to figure out how we can be better, God will surely tells us.

Speaking of General Conference telling us how to be better...Who's going to be reading Preach My Gospel and sending me their insights? (Mom, I'll be holding you to that promise!) And inviting someone quarterly to learn more about the restored gospel? If we really believe the apostles are who they say they are, we'll do it because it's direct counsel from God! I especially loved Elder Ballard's words because he talked about being in Argentina. Presidente Levrino said that when he was here, he rededicated Argentina to be a place where the gospel will be preached.

This whole week we worked with the sister of a recent convert. She knows it all but she's also A know-it-all and quite a bit on the rebellious side. But half of the time she is really excited about the gospel. We literally did everything so she could get baptized this week. When she came to conference she had an interview with our district leader and everything. But she just doesn't want to even though she says she knows it's true. It's hard when we can't force people to do the things we know are right. But we'll just trust in God to soften her heart until she can realize the choice she needs to make.

We did exchanges with the sisters in Tafi Viejo. I got to see Hermana Quispe! I fell in love with Tafi Viejo right away. It's super pretty and clean. Haha but what it doesn't have is the super cool horse drawn carts that are everywhere in Bella Vista. Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a scene from Little House on The Prairie because the horse drawn carts aren't a rare find. They are all over the place. People work driving cargo around in their horse carts. Or some ride through the neighborhoods selling vegetables or pastries. It's unlike anything I've ever seen before! When you get on the freeway there are signs that indicate that horse carriages are not allowed!. Haha

Well I hope you all enjoyed conference and are going to review the talks. As President Monson said they deserve careful study!

Much Love,
Hermana Pearson
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