Monday, April 28, 2014

Coming Soon, Disneyland's New Attraction: "The Baptismal Font"

Maria Jose got baptized on Saturday. But it was a little hectic up until then. She came on Saturday to the church and we went over the interview questions with her. We were with a member since we can't be with kids alone, but she started feeling sick and had to leave. So we went on a search for another member right as the Elder got there. Luckily there is a less active member that lives close and we got to her house and she said she could come. So we all enter and she follows the Elder to the next room and the next thing we know she ran out crying. To help her calm down, her sister Sofia went in to do the interview to set the example even though she won't be getting baptized until next week. Maria Jose calmed down and when it was her turn she started crying again. After 5 attempts she finally agreed but only if we came with her. But she gave the best answers! We're working with her whole family. Her dad is an alcoholic member and her mom and 3 older siblings are all non-members. 

That night she came with Sofia and her grandma. She had the cutest little smile and when we went out back to the swimming pool/font, she was so giddy you'd think she was on her way to Disneyland!

I got word that back in El Carmen, Ismael got baptized! Aww I'm soo happy for him. I knew since the first time we taught him, that he was a chosen! 

Whoops ran out of time again. Much love and extra love for my sister and her new baby Katelyn! 

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