Monday, August 12, 2013

This Perfect Little Place Called Carmel

We taught with Sister Cleveland this week. We broke her in! She's never been in lessons before. We had an appointment with a former investigator and couldn't find any members to come with us so since the Mission President is in our ward, we thought we'd ask his wife! She's so sweet and it's fun being close to them because we get to know them way more than a lot of the other missionaries get a chance to.

The lesson she came with us to was a man whose late mother and brother are members. He's read the Book of Mormon like three times but he's too analytical and feels the need for proof rather than going by faith. Since he's been taught by lots of other missionaries before he's very familiar with it all. He's especially interested in the articles of faith. As we left he gave us a paper with all 13 articles and his response/concern about each one. It's our homework I guess. We learn as missionaries to uncover investigators concerns and he literally handed them over to us. He might as well have put it on a silver platter! Sister Cleveland started crying at the end (it's her thing!) and bore a powerful testimony. She's the best!

On Wednesday I went on an exchange with Sister Cordner (She's the one who is my roommate so it didn't take up much travel time!) While we were studying, there was a knock at the door. It was her brother! He's a private pilot and happened to be in Indiana. Sister Cordner didn't even think he read her emails but when he realized she was in Carmel and so was she, he stopped by. The shock on her face was pretty funny! He asked if she could come to lunch so after we got permission from President Cleveland, we went out to eat. Sister Cordner was so brave and told him we could go but we'd have to teach him a lesson. I think that would be so hard for me when I knew very well that someone so close to me just wasn't interested in the message. She's a rock star.

We taught lessons to a couple...interesting people...And both their homes were infested with animals. You probably didn't think I could dislike dogs and cats more than I did. WRONG! In Indiana everybody and their dog, has a dog (pun intended). The biggest problem to me is the fact that owners never seem to care that their pet is literally climbing all over you. When I left I could feel pet hair in my throat. Well that side tangent rant is over. Anyway, funny story. One of the ladies we visited has a major Josh Groban obsession. Well apparently after we left she told the Carmel Sisters that she didn't like me at first because she thought Josh Groban and I would make a cute couple and that really upset her!

When Sister Hansen was in our area, they taught a man we met (with Sister Cleveland again) And apparently he told her that he thinks we're literal angels. He said when we first walked up to him, we came out of nowhere. Our eyes pierced his soul and we were glowing. He's convinced we have wings...

On Thursday both Sister Hansen and I were sick. We tried to get energy to leave or at least plan but we just slept the entire day. It was just a 24 hour bug and we were better by the next day. One of the perks of being close to the Mission Home and Mission Office is that all the adult missionaries take such good care of us! Sister Cleveland, Sister Bailey and Sister Hodges all made sure we were well taken care of. We're so spoiled here. This is the area everyone wants to be in-but not until the end of their mission because it's all downhill after Carmel.

Friday we had Zone Conference which took most of the day. We talked about using members in the work. That's definitely the new push here. President Cleveland wants us to start counting a new number which is lessons taught to investigators in members homes.

Saturday we taught Justin and he literally had an anxiety attack. We asked him about his feelings and he started getting shaky and sweaty and had to take a breather and drink water. He said he used to think he had no feelings but his therapist told him he does. When he was asked to think about how he feels, he just got scared and nervous. Luckily he stayed calm enough that nothing drastic happened.

We taught Bernardo and Blanca again. They are my favorite! They just get it! Bernardo is already highlighting el LdM(the Book of Mormon) and he told us that because it's the word of God that Joseph Smith had to be a prophet because he translated the book perfectly! We invited them to be baptized. Bernardo had objections because he's already been baptized but Blanca told him this is different because they have the priesthood like Jesus gave to his apostles. And Sister Hansen and I were just like nodding our heads-yeah, exactly. Blanca wants to learn more before she commits but they'll come around. Blanca couldn't come to church because she has commitments at her church for the next couple three weeks (that's a Hoosier term: couple three) but she'll come after that. And Bernardo was there Sunday! He sat by the Marty's who have taught with us before to help with the Spanish. We talked to him after and he said it was different but only because he's not used to it. He left for Texas today though to visit family so we won't see him for a couple three weeks.

So at the retirement apartments we've been at to visit a ward member, I guess we caused a huge fuss. One lady was so angry that we were allowed in that she was threatening to sue and everything. I guess management calmed her down but they added all these "No Trespassing" signs and sent out a newsletter instructing everyone to not let in the two girls. The member we visited was mad about it all and put up a fit that they can't stop her visitors from coming. We went in to management and explained things and so now we're allowed to come as long as we have a planned appointment. Haha who would think two girls would cause such chaos at an old folks home. What we realized is that old ladies really are just teenage girls with wrinkles!

Well, love you all. Hope all is well!
Con mucho amor,

Hermana Pearson
With the Campbell kids

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