Monday, October 28, 2013

The Errand of Angels

This week we had plans to visit a girl we taught once. We were almost to the door when Hermana Gentry turned around and said we needed to knock next door. She had talked to the person that lives there only once and every time we've tried to go back an angry man tells us they aren't home. This day, however, the mom was home and she let us come in. She used to meet with missionaries but for some reason or another they stopped coming by. She has a cute little family that listened to us and they were rather receptive. We invited them to prepare for baptism and they said yes (although a lot of people say that here even if they don't mean it) and said her whole family could prepare. She said the closing prayer and it was beautiful. She thanked God for knowing we would come. After the prayer we thanked her and she just started to cry. She said that she had a dream the night before. In the dream two angels came, bringing the word of God and God told her she need to return to the Church of Jesus Christ. Then she said she knew we were those angels. We really are on God's errand to do his work! She wants her whole family to have the blessings of God's word. It was such a tender experience! But get this. The very next day we visited a referral who sent us to his neighbor (we actually knocked the wrong door but he gave us a referral too.) He told us very specifically, go to number 68. When we got there we knocked and the women said pasen, pasen. and let us in right away. It was two friends, one had met with missionaries before and had gone to church and liked learning but then stopped coming. The other never met with missionaries but she has a really close friend that is a member. We taught a great lesson, again, they said they'd prepare for baptism. When we ended with the prayer, the women, Lucky (named for her good fortune) said the prayer and the same thing happened! She thanked God that she knew we would come. We asked her how she knew and she said she was having a really difficult time and she didn't know how but knew someone was going to come visit her to bring her peace. Two days in a row, we experienced the same miracle! I still can barely believe it!

I'm still getting used to the craziness of this place. Yesterday were elections and we woke up in the middle of the night to some sort of fireworks or explosives and another parade of cars all honking their horns in the street with flags. That's the norm here. Everyone is so loud and our walls are paper-thin and we can hear it all. As far as the food goes, it's plenty good but I quite miss American tastes. They have a few things like Oreos and Doritos but they don't taste true to the brand. The only thing that tastes American is Coca-cola so it's the only thing I ever want to buy. I never even really liked coke before but now I'm in love! Who knew I'd develop a coke addiction on the mission....

The problem is I can't buy any at the moment because last week we thought that more sisters were coming to El Carmen so they told us to buy a mattress. Well it took all my money to do that so I've been living on a few pesos this week. It was about the equivalent of 2 dollars. Then President Levrino called and said there was a change in the plans and they aren't coming until the transfer. But I'd already bought the mattress. No worries it was only 1000 pesos. Haha I should get a reimbursement next week.

Something I really love here is that everybody gives kisses on the cheek when they say hello and goodbye. It's so cute! But as missionaries we can only kiss the chicas but the men are used to kissing so we always have to step back and quickly say we don't kiss. Haha. There's one guy that likes to talk to the missionaries so he can practice his English and he knows the rule but forgot so when Hermana Gentry reminded him he just said, ''Ahh but I want to kiss you!'' In his Spanish accent. Haha too funny.

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Pearson

Facundo's baptism

Yes, I am in Argentina!

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