Monday, November 4, 2013

When The Going Gets Tough

Hmm let’s see.

Halloween we saw a handful of trick-or-treaters that went around to the businesses. People though for the most part don’t celebrate it. But a lot of people were asking us what type of holiday it is and such. So the holiday wasn’t at all different for us. The next day was Day of the Dead though and people spent all day cooking and making offerings for the souls of their loved ones and then take huge offerings to the cemetery.

Hermano Ramon is a recent convert that we eat lunch with every Saturday. He always makes really good food and this week he went to Salta and found ostrich eggs on his journey that he brought back with him and that’s what he fed us. They were really huge and really tasty! He also brought us back souvenirs-a little penguin made of bone and wood and a handmade wooden spoon that’s made out of some sort of wood that smells really good. He’s the sweetest thing ever! He also knows everything and spends the whole time teaching us things we never even thought about before. He taught us a little of some Quichua-a language from natives that live in Peru.

All the missionaries in the zone went to the chapel in Alto Comodero to do our weekly planning so that we could receive a little training and have the zone leaders there to help us. They are pushing that we plan and work with the members more. And also to train them before hand on various things and ask them to be the ones to extend commitments to the investigators. Which obviously is the ideal but it sometimes seems impossible because a ‘’set appointment’’ means nothing here. Also no one ever answers their phones so we have to walk 15 minutes to talk to someone that may or may not be home.  Plus this is only a small branch so there are only so many people to work with. It was completely devastating because we went to a recent convert’s house to kind of train her on how she can best be a tool. She is always giving referrals and she knows a lot of people and so is a big help to us. One of our solid investigators, Lucky, is basically her daughter and she was already planning on taking Lucky to church. But when we went to visit her she told us of all the struggles she’s having and that she’s offended by some members and isn’t planning on coming to church anymore. Hermana Gentry and I were both crying our eyes out because it really is so sad to see people let other things get in the way of their testimony. And if we felt that sad I can only imagine how sad God feels when we don’t put him first. That’s definitely the problem here. Nobody seems willing to put God first. When we’re with them they commit to everything. They say they’ll come to church. We spend an hour in the morning on Sunday going to people’s house to ‘’pick them up’’ but they’re always still sleeping or for whatever other reason don’t answer their door and don’t come.

There were so many things on top of that that made this week by far the most difficult one on the mission. When we left the house one day Hermana Gentry said that this was gonna be a better day. Immediately after that, she stepped in gum. Yep it was a sign. But we’ll keep working and I’m sure things will turn up!

Today we went to the famous El Carmen Dique lake that everybody talked up and said was wonderful and beautiful and that we HAD to go to take pictures. It turned out to be a big pond. It was still nice though. Haha

Well I love you all and hope all is well.

Nos Vemos,
Hermana Pearson

Twenty-six new missionaries!

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