Monday, November 25, 2013

And 2 Became 4

My birthday was pretty normal but Facundo stopped by and gave me a present. A super rad hat from Jujuy. Also we bought alfajors to celebrate and found a few candles in the fridge to light in the alfajor.

I couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present…2 more hermanas are now working with us in El Carmen. One is from Peru and so talking with her in the nights and mornings is already helping me with my Spanish. The other is brand spanking new straight from  the CCM. I think this is the best of all because I see her and all she’s doing to get accustomed to Argentina and I take solace in the fact that I’m no longer as miserable as she is. That seems kind of grim but it really makes me feel better!

But the down side is that we had to split El Carmen and our progressing investigator Jose is now in the other sisters' area. And now we have to fill our days with a whole bunch of different stuff because we can’t meet with our regulars.

Facundo went with us this weekend to proselyte. It was so great because he was testifying left and right and teaching doctrine and it was so powerful. We were teaching Oscar who has a baptismal date but is feeling unsure because of all the sacrifices he’ll have to make. But Facundo talked about how it was all worth it because after he was baptized he was a different man. I was grinning ear to ear because it was so wonderful to hear how in just a few short weeks his life has changed from the message of this gospel.

A few nights ago Hermana Gentry had a dream that one of Faca’s friends got baptized. So the next morning we texted him to ask him which friend. He said he ALSO had a dream about his friend Jonny who was his missionary companion on his Catholic Mission. The problem is he hasn’t talked to him in a couple years and doesn’t know where he lives. But he’s going to find him!

Borracho moment of the week…We were in the plaza talking to a member and this guy started yelling ‘’I love you’’ He started coming over to us and saying things like that so the member told us we better escape so we said goodbye and took off speedily in the other dirrection.
Also we were cutting across a field to get to a neighborhood faster and we ran into a whole camp of homeless borrachos. Complete with fire pit.
Time flies pretty fast. I’m just trying to treasure my time as a missionary because I know it will end all too quickly. There’s nothing quite as great as being a representative of Jesus Christ. What an opportunity!

Much Love,
Hermana Pearson

November Sisters Conference photo from Sister Levrino

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