Monday, November 18, 2013

El Carmen Round 2

We had the most amazing lessons this week! We went to Jose, the twin’s, house. Ever since he went to church he’s been soo much happier. He got a job, but it’s been really demanding so he started praying for help. Praying helped him want to read the Book of Mormon, which made him want to get baptized! He came again to church on Sunday. Which really is a miracle because it means he didn’t leave Saturday night to be one of the street dwellers.

We had the most spiritual lesson with Lucky. She wants to get baptized but it will require an extreme sacrifice on her part and a HUGE lifestyle change. So far she hasn’t been willing to make that change but as we taught God’s plan for all of his children to be happy, she could feel how true our message is. When we asked her what she would do to make it to the celestial kingdom, she told us with tears in her eyes that she’d do anything God commanded her to do. She’s making such progress!

Another investigator, Oscar is progressing so much too. Before he was really lukewarm about it all but his uncle was really sick and he started praying a lot for him. We taught him a lesson when his heart was really vulnerable and he really had a strong desire to believe in the plan of salvation especially because he’s already lost both of his parents. The next lesson was even better because a member came with us that faced many similar experiences.(We didn’t know) and Oscar said he’s prepare to be baptized. Oscar told us that when he went to his uncle’s funeral, everyone was crying, and he wanted to cry too but he couldn’t because he felt peace that everything was going to be okay.

A member of the ward died this week and we went to the funeral. It was REALLY different than a funeral in the states. The casket was actually a coffin shape. I don’t really know how to describe it other than it was really different.

All the death themed things this week made me so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and the peace it brings. Especially because we found out this week we’ve been consuming potentially hazardous substances. So the first week here, my companion and I were pretty sick and the doctor told us we had to filter our water better. So we have been, but it makes the water taste gross so we add to it handy dandy Tang. Well this week we had a conference for all las hermanas and Hermana Levrino told us that Tang causes CANCER and that’s why it’s not available in the states…it’s illegal to sell. So if anyone would like to tell me what type of cancer to expect, it’d be greatly appreciated. Now I just have to decide if it’s worse to be sick from good tasting but dirty water or to be sick from clean water with cancer causing Tang.

One day this week, an appointment fell through in a far away  area but we both still felt like we should go up to the neighborhood. We were walking down the street and this guy called and whistled at us. Normally we don’t pay attention to that because it happens all the time but we started to talk to him because we felt like we were in the neighborhood for a reason. He was pretty baracho and I started talking to him but he said I don’t speak English. I repeated myself because obviously I was speaking Español (or Castellano as they call it here.) After explaining that I wasn’t speaking English, he started listening to us. We explained who we are and he told us that he’s a believer. He said I’m Castellano…Cristiano… The funniness of the story doesn’t really come across written down but really the drunks never fail to provide us with entertainment. Especially because they aren’t just any drunks, they’re Argentine drunks. They do things in their own Argentina way! Especially the whole drunk driving bit. Instead of cars, they’re on horses and they steer the horses left and right and left all the way down the street. That’s definitely a sight you’d only see here!

Today we went to the feria which is a bunch of tents set up where you can buy used clothes. The South America versión of Good Will! Needless to say, I bought myself a birthday present! Haha Thanks for all the birthday wishes. There’s not really a better way to spend your birthday than to spread God’s love.

Speaking of love, I love you all!

Hermana Pearson

PS Both Hermana Gentry and I are staying in El Carmen for the next transfer.

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