Monday, January 13, 2014

Disciples of Jesus Christ- A Demanding and Relentless Task

This last week an old missionary came by to visit in just the right moment when we were having a small activity in the branch. At the end, he bore his testimony and said if there is anyone who is missionary age that they should prepare to serve because it will change your life. And in that moment I just knew that I’m where God wants me to be and He’s changing me into who He wants me to be. I read this quote from President Kimball I really liked. “The cultivation of Christlike qualities is a demanding and relentless task—it is not for the seasonal worker or for those who will not stretch themselves, again and again.”

We had a zone training and interviews with President and I just realized how much I lack. There is so much I have to improve and I’m working on that daily but meanwhile I just have to trust God that He will make up the difference for what I can’t do on my own. That’s the miracle of the Atonement. It transforms us.

We’ve had a few lessons with the sister of an inactive/recent convert. She said at first that she’s Catholic and yayaya the stuff they all say but she invited us back. And when we came back we sang a hymn to start the lesson. And then she asked us to sing another because it made her little mischievous 2 year old calm down. That first day we weren’t sure why she wanted us to come back but after that we understood. She could feel the peace of the Spirit with her when we were in her house.

So a new grocery store opened up here in El Carmen. And it is GREAT. Okay the truth is it’s relatively clean and it doesn’t smell bad and it has air conditioning. So clearly it’s our favorite. Well one day I mentioned something about it when we were with Facundo and he asked, "Why is it your favorite? The wide selection? No. The low prices. No. Why?" Because it has air conditioning. I was being dead serious but he was laughing so hard like it was a joke. He tweeted as a joke and it got more than 200 retweets and 200 favorites. So yeah these Argentines think I’m pretty funny.

We’ve been challenging a lot of people to put reading the Book of Mormon this year as a goal. So I’ll extend it to all you who are reading this too. I’ve truly seen the power of the Book of Mormon transform the relationship people have with God. It’s true the promise that there is no better way to get closer to God then to read the Book of Mormon. Just do it!

Hope all is well!

Hermana Pearson

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