Monday, January 27, 2014

Water? What Would We Need That For?

We haven’t had water for the last 4 days. And our toilet is broken…again. Not a good combo!

This week Hermana Gentry got sick. Okay the truth is she’s been sick the whole time I’ve known her…parasite…but it got worse so we ended up pulling some strings and she got an appointment with the hospital director. Usually you have to wait for a long time to get an appointment and have to have paperwork to prove your citizenship and all that. But she went to the appointment, had some tests done and they gave her medicine. All for free…..she felt like she was robbing.

She and Hermana Rallison had to go to Salta to do visa paperwork so Hermana Quispe and I worked in all of El Carmen for a day. I missed the other half of the city that we worked in before the other hermanas came! This week we worked so hard to get our investigators to church. We thought for sure we’d get a good turnout. Yeah, not so much. It broke my heart a little. But after church on Sunday, we had a lesson with Leandro, the boyfriend of a member. We’ve never taught him before but he comes to church every once in a while. He’s really quiet and so we didn't really know how he was taking it all. But we really felt the Spirit. When he said the last prayer. He cried. One thing I’ve learned on the mission; tears are a really good thing! Later, when we were looking for the houses of referrals, we taught a girl named Erica. She gave the closing prayer. She cried. Later a man, Jose, stopped us on the street, told us his whole life story about all the hardships he is facing. We said a prayer together. Hermana Gentry cried, I cried, Jose cried.

Every Friday we eat with the same family. Two weeks ago, we got to lunch with a little surprise…2 new investigators! One was the daughter’s boyfriend and the other was the boyfriend of another daughter who died a few years ago. I guess it was really hard for him and he ran off to go work in the South. He came back and the mom invited him to lunch, specifically for Friday. They are really interested in it all. Later that night, the other hermanas had a baptism and they both came. We have taught them a few times since. They both have a lot of potential! How great would it be to always have members arranging appointments for us!

Hasta Luego,
Hermana Pearson

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