Monday, February 3, 2014

Adventures with Gauchos

Our whole district fasted this week that we would be able to meet our district goals. The same day we saw a lot of great miracles.

We have a mom and daughter investigating. They talk A LOT. When they’re together they talk MORE. We practiced to be able to push through a lesson so that we could teach powerfully and without wasting our time. We were in and out of their house in one hour. They just sat through the whole lesson quietly, listening to what we had to say. We had left the Introduction to the Book of Mormon for them to read. Mirta told us, I hate reading. I’ve always hated it and I always will. BUT something about this book really interests me and I’m going to read it. And she did! She read the introduction 4 times! She had a doubt about why it was only written for the people in America. We explained that a little better and she said, "bueno, my doubt disappeared." This whole time she’s been talking about what she wants and what she likes. But this week when we invited her to baptism she said that she will pray and figure out what God wants. They talked so much about the difference that they’ve seen in their lives since we first came a knocking. Now if only they’d come to church again...

We taught a whole family this week. We started with one of the daughters, then we had her invite her sister who came with her baby to listen. Then another sister came home. We recapped all that we taught and continued. Then the brother came home, and the mom and by the end we were teaching 7 people. Each time recapping and continuing!

The old branch president has a son-in-law who is not a member. We’ve been over to their house a few times to teach but the husband listens out of respect nothing more. He's a police officer and teaches some sort of body building class and is always really tired. Well this week he hurt his knee and can’t work. His father-in-law committed him to read the Book of Mormon in his spare time. He came to church this week! We’re going to visit them today and we’ll see if he really has been reading.

Today for our preparation day, we went on a little hike. Complete with our tour guide, Hermano Ramon. AKA the Chuck Norris of Argentina. BEST DAY EVER! We went with Faca and Oscar too. We drank from a brook. (Don’t worry Hermano Ramon knows his stuff and said it’s better than what you’d get out of a bottle) In the pictures me, Hermana Gentry and I are sporting out BOCA shirts. It’s a soccer team. Everyone here asks if we’re fans of boca or river. The truth is we know nothing about the teams but boca’s colors are better! We saw a bunch of free roaming horses and cows and just had a really great time. Hermano Ramon is our grandpa here. He is a Gaucho/Submarine Diver/Poet/Cook/Genius. He has a radio program here in El Carmen called Gaucho Inheritance (it sounds cooler in Spanish) and this last week he dedicated it to the missionaries. Every week at lunch with him, we learn a thousand things we never have even thought about.

Well I love you all and hope all is well,
Hermana Pearson

Better than bottled!
Best day ever!

Sister Gentry and me in our BOCA shirts

With our guide, Hermano Ramon

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