Monday, February 17, 2014

All You Need Is Love

My Book of Mormon was falling apart this week so I had a member try to take it to get fixed. Not having it all week made me realize how much I LOVE the scriptures. It’s like our own personal treasure trove of all the things God wants us to know.

My companion has an insanely good accent and everyone tells her so which leaves me all the more determined to sound like a Latina. I’m already learning a lot and sounding a lot better. Hermana Quispe says she can hear the difference. Don’t worry everyone. My companion is just as great as Hermana Gentry, and Sister Hansen and Hermana Howard. I already love her a ton.

Speaking of love, Valentines Day here is no big deal. But I spent the day thinking about the most powerful love there is. The love of God. Everyone should read 1 John 4. I think it might be the best chapter in all of the Bible. It made me remember an experience in Indiana when Justin, who doesn’t know if he thinks God exists, asked me why I love God. And so easily and clearly I said because he loves me. And the amazing thing about His love is that it is infinite and individual. And as a missionary I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to preach to everyone that GOD LOVES THEM. And YES, that includes you too! As a missionary I want to grow this love so that people can feel it. So that they can feel the power of God and how the knowledge that God loves them and is their father is the most potent antidepressant out there! By far sharing the love of God made it my best valentines day ever!

I was reminded this week how powerful a simple invitation is.Two times this week invitations of love to come back to church was all that was needed to help someone make a change in their life to return to church and come a little closer to God. There are so many less actives all around us. Find one. Invite them to come to church. Simple as pie.

We were teaching a younger boy named Axel. He is quite the character. At the end of the lesson, he didn’t want to say the prayer in front of us. Once he finally did, he said ‘’That felt good. I want to say something more’’ and then said another prayer. It was a humble reminder that we really are talking to someone when we pray. It feels good. So just do it!

Love you all and pray for you daily.

Hermana Pearson

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