Monday, February 24, 2014

Sunday Funday

This week we taught Axel a few times and one day his 10 year old neighbor came over. He had a lot of good questions and we invited him to church. Sunday morning we went by to go to church with Axel (we do this every Sunday. We spend sometimes up to an hour going to people’s house who told us they were going to come to church. It’s the worst hour of the week because it is when every investigator hides from us or lies to us. It’s the moment when it feels like all our work from the whole week feels like it has gone down the drain because they didn't even come to church even though we had so much hope that this week was going to be different and we were going to have a ton of investigators at church.) Well we were walking up to Axel’s house and the 10 year old neighbor was sitting right out in front and tells us that Axel is almost ready. WHAT A MIRACLE! After church they asked us if they could see the baptisimal font.
Okay so this whole H2O thing is kinda nice to have but for whatever reason we don't always have it. Needless to say, I think I have had my fair share of showers using a BUCKET. And cold ´´showers´´ at that.

Well Carnival is starting here in El Carmen and I think I have come to realize that I am literally living in THE MOST WICKED AND ABOMINABLE country in the whole world. We were walking through a crowd of completely lost souls last night. There were kicked over bottles and crushed wine boxes in the gutters. The people were all covered in who knows what kind of white powder and I just had this moment where I felt like I was in Lehi’s dream. I was surrounded by the thick dark mist and to get home I had to hold tight to the iron rod (or my purse so it wouldn’t get stolen) so that I could reach safely home. Well the point is it felt good to be the people pressing forward toward lasting happiness. We have our choices. Who will we be in Lehi’s dream? There is so much peace and safety in holding to the rod and keeping the commandments. AND the destination is SO worth it.
Well I love you all!!
Hermana Pearson

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