Monday, March 3, 2014

How Great Shall be Your Joy!

As a missionary, it is easy to compare yourself with other missionaries. Their letters are more spiritual or they have more faith, they teach with more power, they have more baptisms. And it’s easy to feel like you aren’t good enough. Well, yesterday in sacrament meeting, Oscar got up to bear his testimony. It was so heartfelt and so sweet and he talked about how much the g√≥spel has changed him. From his drinking and smoking days to his missionarying and priesthood days. He said how the missionaries were his angels and I just felt like if I never help another soul in all of my existence all this would still be worth it.

This weekend was all the carnival parties and although we mostly avoided it we did see some cool costumes. Including Oscar’s. He performed his dance for us since we wouldn’t get to see any of the carnival  dances. It was super cool. It kills me how Argentine he is!

Okay, so we completely skipped autumn. It is rainy and cold now. In the mornings in our pension I’m already pulling out the thermals, scarves, gloves, hats and coats. Wish me luck for winter.

We are teaching a new couple, the wife is especially great. We taught her the restauration and everything she said was like check, check, check. LISTO! How she doesn’t believe in baby baptisms because baptism is to cleanse us from sins and babies dont have sins. How she doesn’t believe in Saints or any kind of idol because it is like adoring a chair leg. At the end of the lesson she prayed to have God help her change her way of thinking so it could be more like His. I can’t really convey how great she is in a letter. but we are really excited to teach her more.

Shout out to my sister Stacie and her husband Austin. Congratulations on the new TWINS! I’m already counting down the days to be able to see Bentley and Layla in person!

Con Amor,

Hermana Pearson

Oscar's ready for Carnival

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