Monday, March 17, 2014

What's your favorite part about church? The way you sing!

Okay, the sad truth, I already miss El Carmen and I haven't even left yet but I’m almost positive that I’ll get transferred. I’ve already been here almost 6 months. It’s just we have so many great investigators!

We’re teaching a younger guy, Ismael. He’s super receptive but we were worried he’d have problems being able to come to church. Well we passed by his house Sunday and he told us that he had already woken up and gone to work but his boss sent him home! Such a miracle! So he got ready real quick and we went to church. He liked it all. We had some really spiritual lessons and it was a really fun day at church too. He really liked it. When I asked what he liked the most...he said ¨The way you sing.¨ Yeah you could say those hymns are pretty powerful!

We called Axel to see if he’d be able to make it to church because he hadn’t answered our texts or calls. When he answered, I asked if he was going to come and he just answered. I’m already here in the same class I’ve been to before!

We’ve been working so hard and trying to talk to more people because of the conference we’ve had. It’s so tempting to pass people because we just have so many people we have to visit but we’ve been focusing on the urgency of it all so that we can still visit all our investigators AND find the people already prepared. We’ve talked a lot lately in the misión how to really have success we have to pray for missionary experiences and that we can find the elect of God who he’s already prepared. And how every missionary AND every member should be doing that. So if you aren’t…change!

Much Love,
Hermana Pearson

Sisters at March Zone Conference

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