Monday, March 10, 2014

That's what it's all about

We had the best Zone Conference with President Levrino. Milton had been to a few misión trainings before and asked us if he could go. Which meant Facundo and Osacar had to go too right? We called up the Zone Leaders to see if it would be okay and the Elder goes WAHOO! They felt like they should buy 3 extra lunches and didn't know why. It was really great to have the prospective missionaries there. They went out with the Zone Leaders and did contacts with them and left really excited to share the góspel!

Elder Ballard recently came to Argentina and Presidente Levrino conveyed his messages to us. Wow the Lord is really hastening His work. Each and everyone of us has been blessed to be born at this time. It’s because God has prepared us to be His tools in this great work. Yes, it’s demanding and rigourous and the Lord expects a lot of us but it’s because He’s prepared us so well. So go out and open your mouth! In the conference we talked a lot about how we have to talk to MORE people to be able to find more chosens. And so we’ve been trying to do just that. We stopped and talked to one of Milton’s friends in the street, Ismael. We gave him a pamphlet and everything and set up an appointment. The sad truth is that it’s often hard to go to all our appointments because there are just so many people that are willing to talk with us (or at least willing to say that they’re willing to talk to us.) Well by a miracle, we manage to find this man’s house and he had read the whole pamphlet and wanted to read the Book of Mormon. When we went back, he had read the part in the Book of Mormon that he said he would read. He is soaking it all up and is intrigued to learn more. He already accepted to be baptized. His challenge will be to get permission from his boss to come to church.

So a while back we got a text from an inactive, Gisel and she asked us if we were gringas and if we could teach her English, so we started up an English ‘’class.’’ I call it a ‘’class’’ because not many people come. Well this week, I kept thinking about sending a text to remind people about the class but I kept forgetting. Saturday morning rolled around and Gisel was the only one there. We barely taught anything before she started to tell us why she stopped going to church. We were able to share some scriptures that really touched her. She admitted that the English class was only partly because she wanted to learn English and a huge part was because she wanted to draw closer to the Church even if it was one hour a week learning English in the Church with the missionaries. It’s true. I always knew it wasn’t about teaching. It was always about her. God’s plan, God’s timing, God’s tender mercies are all about US.

Les Quiero MUCHO!!
Hermana Pearson

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