Monday, February 10, 2014

And then there were 3

On Sunday right before we left to go track people down to bring them to church, we got a call from one of our investigators who told us she didn't want to go to church yet and she said ''I woke up this morning and just feel like going.''  Her cousin, who is also an investigator had told us she'd be going. This Sunday we had to be on time because it was a Stake Cnference and we had to all travel together on a bus. Well turns out she slept in and wouldn't have been ready except for the fact that her cousin called her and told her she wanted to go.

When we got to the church we saw an unexpected surprise, another investigator who we hadn't been able to see this week was there too.

We are teaching this family that we found on Christmas Eve because we went with some recent converts to go sing Christmas songs to investigators. Their little daughter saw us in Santa hats and got really excited so we went and sang to them. This week they told us that we were their Christmas miracle.

Well Hermana Gentry got transferred...It feels like we lost a little part of El Carmen. We'll miss her a lot but I have a great new companion-Hermana Thompson from Washington. She served in West Virginia for 6 months so she only has one transfer more than me here in Argentina but her Spanish is SUPERB! She came from another part of Jujuy and she already thinks El Carmen is heaven. She's right. It's the perfect little town!

Transfers were COMPLETELY LOCO! We stayed up until 1 helping Hermana Gentry pack and then we had to wake up at 5 so that we could take her to San Salvador. We were a little trio today for a while. Then we had to come back to El Carmen to do a few chores and then went back to San Salvador to pick up my new comp. We had to take advantage of being in the city because I NEED NEW SHOES. We found 2 pairs. Well with all this I'm so tired and have no idea when I'll make up on this lost sleep. Wish me luck!

We had a couple great opportunities this week to buy a couple things for 2 really humble familes. One is the familia Cari. We taught them about the Sabbath Day and what we can do to keep it holy. They said they wanted to wear dresses but didn't have any. So we took the 3 girls and went to the feria (it's just a field of people from Bolivia who got a whole bunch of free clothes from America from thrift stores and then they come to Argentina to sell it.)

The other was with an investigator that we have. She doesn't have enough money to buy chairs so we always teach on her doorstep. We figured we'd buy her some chairs so that we could have a more focused lesson.

We got accused of being devil worshippers this week. He told us we were like Saul destroying the Church and that he hopes we find our road to Damascus soon. Oh if only he knew.

Well that's all for today. Much love,.

Hermana Pearson

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