Monday, May 19, 2014

The best kind of compliment

So yesterday we're walking home from church and a lady stops us and asks, ´´Are you the gospel people.¨ We told her yes and then she just started pleading for our help. Her husband is abusive and drinks and she feels desperate. It made me so sad for her, but happy that she has the faith that Jesus heals. It is the best feeling when people stop us in the street and not the other way around because it means they have seen us as representatives of Jesus Christ. I think that is one of the biggest compliments to ever be able to receive--to know that others see you as a disciple of Christ.

For two Sunday's in a row I've had to fill in for the Sunday School teacher with 5 minutes notice. The branch president handed me the lesson for the Old Testament...I felt a little overwhelmed because I had no idea what the lesson was about. But it really turned out great because we talked about how Joshua had to follow one of the most well-known prophets. I'm sure he felt overwhelmed thinking ´´well, Moses just saved and liberated these people, parted the Red Sea and received the 10 commandments. How will I ever match up to that?´´ But the Lord tells him to strive and be of good courage. We talked about how God helps us be who He wants us to be when we serve him. And I couldn't help but think of myself. One year ago, I never would have imagined being able to teach from the Old Testament in Spanish. But God makes us capable of what He asks us to do.

We are trying so hard to help this struggling little branch and little by little we're seeing progress. Yesterday the branch got together and all left to visit the less actives, we have an activity next Saturday and we are doing a branch fast. And best of all, we got ourselves a ward mission leader. He just got back from his mission a few months ago so he already knows what it's all about.

We did service for Noemi this week. And really her whole life just humbles me. As I was washing her dishes with saved soapy water (they don't have money to buy more dish soap) with a piece of fabric, scraping off the dirt on the old dishes, I was just so humbled. Then to thank us she heated us up some of the little food they have ( was pretty good). When you see people like that it makes you realize how much love and generosity you truly lack.

It's very common to see pictures of idols or the virgin pasted on the people's doors or even stickers that say ´´We're Catholic please respect us.´´ Well this week we passed by a less active that I had never met and right on their front door they have the front page of the Restoration missionary pamphlet. It kinda made my day.

Con Amor,
Hermana Pearson

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