Monday, July 28, 2014

It passes all my understanding

I'm staying in Bella Vista this next transfer! I can't believe how fast the time is flying! I started with 18 months. Now I have only 18 weeks left. ROUGH.

We had a bunch of little miracles this week but I only have time to talk about a few.

We passed by an investigator we taught only once and she told us she was busy and she couldn't talk. We started walking to look for a referral we had and we get a phone call. The investigator called US and said, "my sisters just barely came home and they want to talk to you guys. Can you come back?" My jaw just about hit the floor. We walked right on back and taught the two sisters. Then they invited us to stay and eat lunch with them.

So I mentioned how a member brought his nephews to church but they had said they didn't have time to meet with us during the week and that they'd come the next Sunday. We about died when they actually did come without their uncle. They came AGAIN this week and POR FIN we set up an appointment with them to start teaching. It boggles my mind still because they don't seem too interested. But something keeps bringing them back so we're gonna make it happen!

We're seeing progress with Carlos. He is the friend of a member and he's really liking this message. We had a scare because last week he didn't come to church and the member told us that Carlos said his sister didn't want him to listen anymore and that he should tell us not to keep stopping by the house. But when we talked to Carlos he said his sister didn't say anything just that she was visiting and Carlos wanted to avoid conflict. He's super excited about reading and learning. He's going to visit family in Córdoba next week but when he gets back he's so getting baptized!

We are seeing a lot more dedication in the members. The Relief Society reorganized the visiting teaching and it's working really well! Presidente thought of an idea to set up a Mormon stand in the farmers market and contact the passing people. They called it an activity but the members that came just watched us talk to people. haha. I felt like I was in the science fair again. It was a fun experience

My companion had to go to Salta again to do paperwork but this time Hermana Baquedano came to Bella Vista with me!
Our Farmers' Market stand
Our Bakery Church
The Primary Activity

The 4 hermanas in our district. We're in their elevator...they live on the 9th floor..

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