Monday, July 21, 2014

Dios te ama and don't you forget it!

Well something REALLY weird is happening in our area. We are finally getting nonmembers to church, and they aren’t even our investigators! There are two younger guys that have family who are members. They came to church last week with their cousins and we taught them in Sunday School. We tried to set an appointment but they said they were super busy and never home but that they would come to church next week. Well surprisingly, they came again! But not even with their cousins! I’m still super confused! And more so because in the lesson they seemed so disinterested. We tried to set an appointment again but they said the same thing, they only have time for church. The people that come to church don't want us to visit them and the people we visit don't want to come to church. There are 2 other people with similar stories that are coming to church too. But besides them, we are seeing success in the members that are coming to church too! We met our goal of 40 after 2 weeks when we wanted to reach in a month. We committed the members to pass by the house of a less active before going to church.

We had the cutest lesson with Sofia and Maria Jose. We talked about how God loves us and how he is our father. We started shouting God loves me! They were too shy to do it at first but then they started competing who could say it loudest. Then we started saying it together and they kept asking to do it again. It's amazing and so simple and we all need to remember a little better. DIOS ME AMA!

The primary had an activity in the church and it was actually well attended. Probably because there were cakes and a piñata.

My companion had to go to Salta to do some paperwork, so I stayed in the city working again. It is such a different world than Bella Vista. There are garages and doorbells and elevators and such. WHOA! But I love working in an other area and to be able to see how other missionaries work. And remember what we can do better at.

We keep working with the investigators we’ve got and we’re hunting down those chosens!

Love you all and hope all is well!
Hermana Pearson

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