Monday, September 1, 2014

Next to the impossible: dry baptism

Jose Luis's baptism was just a tad bit more stressful. He didn't show up to the interview and we had to go find him in a taxi. He was home but his four-wheeler wasn't working so he couldn't make it to the church. (He has some paralysis. He can walk but it's really straining on him.) He also has an ulcer on his leg that can't get even a little bit wet. The last time it got wet he says he ended up in the hospital for 3 weeks. So we got permission to be able to cover the ulcer and we promised him that we'd be able to cover the wound with plastic and that  it wouldn't get wet.  An elder gave us some medical tape and we tried it out and it worked but we only tried it on a finger. Then on Saturday we decided to try it full scale on our leg and hop in the baptismal font...and it DIDN'T work. But we didn't have enough tape to keep trying. so we decided we we just plaster his leg with tape and we prayed that water wouldn't enter. We were so nervous the whole time but it worked just fine! Our 3 next baptisms were all there to witness it too!

We had a super great lesson with Fernanda. We taught her the word of wisdom and she said she'd quit smoking. We read through the suggestions in the pamphlet to quit and one says to throw out the addictive substances you have. So we asked if she had a pack of cigarettes. She said yes but that she needs them to help her feel more calm. We promised her that reading in the Book of Mormon will give her much more peace and tranquility. We sat for a minute in silence and she got up, found her cigarettes and gave them to us. I've never been so happy to be close to tobacco. It was almost a whole pack and we enjoyed destroying them as we walked to our next appointment.

Fernanda didn't come to church so I won't be able to see her baptism next week. But we're gonna do all that's possible to help Carlos and Matias make it to the font this Saturday.

Jose Luis's Baptism

Testing the water

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