Monday, December 16, 2013

Oscar For The Win

Well to start off I’ve got to tell you about my new little friend. Last night it was SUPER hot. I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom to splash my face with cold water. I went back to bed and was just almost asleep when I felt something on my face. At first I thought it was hair that the fan blew on to my face. I quickly realized it wasn’t. I popped up and lo and behold I saw a cockroach on my pillow. Eiww! It had been crawling on my face! Needless to say I think I’ve earned the title of Cucaracha Slayer.

We had another conference with Presidente Levrino this week because the Area Seventy was in town. Well like always we had to prepare talks. I already spoke last week so I knew I wouldn’t have to talk again. We were all sitting waiting for the meeting to start and I just started to get butterflies, and I knew I’d have to give a talk. Sure enough who did Presidente call on to give the talk? Hermana Pearson. AGAIN. Most the missionaries never have even given one talk. I gave two back to back! Haha I guess I just had something really important to say.

We’re teaching the friend of a member. Her name is Lujan and she knows the Bible really well. When we’re teaching she always says things that surprise us because she talks like how a lifetime member would. She’s been struggling with a desire to go to church. This last week she had a few questions about the Sabbath and why we did missionary work if we’re supposed to rest from our labors. We used the examples in the
Bible of Jesus teaching and healing on the Sabbath and it all clicked for her. She was so excited to understand better. The next time when we met with her, she tells us right off the bat that she really wants
to get baptized! Isn’t it amazing what the scriptures can do? Really they are the answer to all our questions. All we have to do is study them. Prayer is the way we talk to God, the scriptures are the way God talks to us and journals are how we remember.

This Sunday we took Oscar with us to visit people. He wasn’t very talkative and it seemed like he was a little uncomfortable at first. We had a pretty good lesson with a referral we got. We were told to go
help their family because the dad is always drinking. We get to the door and two little kids answer. They tell us their parents aren’t home but of course we know they're lying. The little girl was 3 and tells us that her dad left to go drink wine but that her mom was only hiding from us. So we told her to go find her mom. As soon as we started to teach the mom she started to cry, she really needed a little more of God’s love in her life.We talked with her about what she could give Jesus for Christmas and she said that she wanted to have more courage in her home because she wants to give her kids the best life she can. We read in the scriptures how we need to become as little children and gave the example of her sweet little daughter’s honesty. When we left, Hermana Gentry asked Oscar, ‘’Do you think she’s gonna get baptized.’’ He was beaming ear to ear and said Yes! He said he really felt the Spirit in the lesson. Later in a lesson with a less active he talked about how he had a really strong experience in that lesson and how he can feel much more now how true the gospel is. It’s been so amazing to see the change in him. He’s changed so much spiritually and it’s showing on the outside. He cut his hair, he comes to church in a shirt and tie, he has a new smile. It’s so endearing! He even passed the Sacrament this week.

I’m so excited to spend this Christmas as a missionary. It’s my first and only time I get to be a representative of Jesus Christ when we’re celebrating His birth. Guess that makes this really pretty special!

Much Love,
Hermana Pearson
Merry Christmas to all!

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