Monday, December 30, 2013

Prospero Año Y Felicidad

This week was so much shorter since our last preparation day was Wednesday but it felt longer than any other.

Lujan got baptized! This one wasn’t nearly as hard as Oscar’s. Once she felt like the Book of Mormon was true, we were ready to fill the font! She is the friend of a member. We actually met her on a pday. We wanted to go to the Dique with Hector but we needed a woman to come with us. So he invited Lujan and the rest is history. But when she went into the font with Hector we could hear her crying. Not like a little bit of tears but like sobbing. We started to get worried that she wouldn’t go through with it but then they knocked on the doors to say they were ready. It all went down without a hitch. And afterwards she said she felt really happy. Then on Sunday she bore her testimony in Sunday School about how she had been starting to distance herself from God but once she started listening to the missionary lessons she felt so much better. She said that once she came out of the water she just felt this overwhelming desire to follow Jesus Christ for the rest of her life. More than anything she was so happy to be confirmed and to have the gift of the Holy Ghost. Oh it’s all so beautiful this thing they call missionary work.

We got a new presidency in the branch 2 weeks ago. The last president had the calling for 10 years! With that change they’ve had to change up a bunch of other callings too and now we have a new mission leader who is really excited to work, it’s the one who baptized Lujan. And the new ward missionaries are Faca and Oscar. We’re getting more people attending. We’re up to 85 and we need 100.

We did an activity in the church where we talked about our duty to constantly be perfecting ourselves and what goals we can have for the new year. Faca had an interview with the branch president and Faca said he wants to be on the mission in the year 2014! Ahh yeah! What are you going to do in 2014 to be a little better?

Christmas is still going on here. People are still dancing in the streets for Jesus and Mary. It’s kinda cute.

All four of us are staying in El Carmen, which is great because we’re the perfect little group. In no time at all we’ll be working in a ward!

Sorry this is so short. I've got nothing else!

Much love and I hope you all have a great new year!

Hermana Pearson
Lujan's baptism

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