Monday, December 9, 2013

You´d Think He was My Boyfriend?

On Monday we had a great lesson with Oscar. It was an FHE with the family of the member who gave the missionaries this referral. He was telling us a lot of doubts and things that would keep him from baptism but the Spirit was strong and he firmly committed to get baptized Saturday. Well on Thursday we ran through the baptismal interview questions and from the way he answered we knew he’d need to interview with someone other than the district leader. Preach My Gospel says they should bypass the first interview if you know they will need another one. Long story short no one listened to me when I said that and our district leader interviewed him anyway. And it was terrible. Oscar was confused and he left feeling really really bad. We tried to call but he didn't answer. We texted him and he said ¨I don´t think I am going to get baptized.¨ We went to his house and spent so much time explaining and apologizing that we were 30 minutes late (don’t worry, President Levrino always says it’s okay if we’re late as long as we call him to explain why.) We set up an appointment for him to meet with the stake president but the only time he could was 7. Which is when Oscar’s baptism was scheduled. On Saturday we went back to Oscar´s to confirm  he would go to the appointment but he didn't want to. We were crying and finally asked him to go for us if he wouldn't go for himself because we knew he still wanted to get baptized. All this was going on and plans were changing and no one was answering their phones. Finally, they were in the interview. It didn't last 30 minutes or 60, BUT 90. I was dying! He caused me SO much stress, you’d think he was my boyfriend, but when he finally came out, the stake president asked if the font was filled. He got baptized at around 10. We were late again. But it was so amazing! After literally exhausting every last effort, we finally saw him in white!

And not only he was in white but earlier in the day, Jose got baptized too. Technically he wasn´t ¨our¨ baptism but we taught him everything and so I'm counting it. Wow what a change in him. He used to be one of the men on the streets. I can't believe how much he changed. It was the sweetest experience.

On Sunday in Sunday School they both bore their testimonies. They talked about the power of the gospel that literally changed their lives. How Jesus Christ changed them. Jose's mom bore her testimony too. That she knows Jesus Christ lives because just as her family was nearly destroyed, He sent the missionaries to rescue her son. It was sad though because Jose started to cry when he talked about how he's done everything in life with his twin except this and how he hopes Juan can change too and make the same covenants that Jose made.

Then in sacrament they both received the Holy Ghost and really it was so beautiful. I feel so honored to be a part of such a mighty work. It really is the work of salvation. I still am amazed at the changes they've made. When I met both of them I really thought it was a waste of our time because they never kept any commitments but it was amazing how God gave them trials that helped prepare them to come to Him and be baptized.

We had a Christmas Conference this week that was really great. We always have to prepare talks for the meetings like this and they call on a few to speak. Hermana Gentry told me she had a feeling I'd get called on. So I made sure to prepare. Sure enough I did. The topic was on what present we can give to the Christ Child this Christmas. I invite you all to think of what you can give him too.

We did a gift exchange which was really fun. And President and Sister Levrino gave us all blenders and toasters for the pensions. It´s weird that it´s Christmas time because it´s so hot. And rainy. But I LOVE the rain. It offers a few minutes of relief from the sun. And sometimes it pours so we trek through the streets in rain up to our mid-calves. One night this week it was so strong that it made the power go out. Which was kinda fun but a little miserable too because we couldn't use our fans to cool us so we could sleep.

In other news, we painted a house as service for a little old guy who wanted to surprise his wife. He showed up at church too!

Wow it really was a crazy week. And I´m completely exhausted. But everything was worth it to see people change their lives and to make covenants with the Lord. What joy there is as a missionary!

Much Love,

Hermana Pearson
Oscar's baptism

Jose's baptism

House painting!

I love the rain in Argentina!

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