Monday, June 16, 2014

This means WAR

This week we had stake conference with Elder Robins of the presidency of the seventy. He served his misión here in Tucuman and Jujuy. He gave a great talk about how really every member has a miracle and as
we share the gospel we have to expect miracles. He also talked about how we sometimes are scared to open our mouth but what we really need to do is open our eyes and ears FIRST and then our mouth. If we pray that God will help us see what people need it is a lot easier to open your mouth.. He said most members don’t do missionary work, not because they don't want to but because they don’t know how. So he said just ask a missionary they’ll help you out!

He also asked if we ever wondered why the Book of Mormon is so full of war stories-because war and missionary work is basically the same thing! It’s so true! But it made me think about how the War in Heaven
probably involved a whole lot of missionary work. That is why God tells us we’re all so prepared to be missionaries.  We already were missionaries before we even got here.

Well we went out expecting milagros and God amazed us yet again. This Sunday Argentina played in the World Cup (we won) and we didn’t know who to visit since everyone was busy watching the game. Then we thought of an old referral that said she wants to hear but we can never find her. Well she ended up telling us to visit her neighbor. When we got there the woman said ´´thanks for visiting, come on in.¨ She
turned out to be an inactive member who has been praying all week long to be able to restore her spirituality. She didn’t have much time but we shared a bit with her and she cried because she saw it as her personal miracle. It really was a sweet experience.

Well speaking of the World Cup, we had to walk the streets at one in the morning after the game to search for a taxi that could take us to the city because my companion got transferred. They let us know at 11
at night and had to be in the bus station in the city at 4. We packed her bags and realized that we wouldn't be able to take a bus or a taxi because with the game and Fathers' Day, no one was working (HAPPY
FATHER’S DAY Papi!) so we had to search the streets for an open taxi station. There weren’t any but finally a member helped us get there through a friend of his. We got to the city around 3 and  I had to
wait around until 5 until my temporary companion came. I slept a grand total of 1 hour. But the good news is I should be able to sleep a little on the bus ride to Salta because I have to pick up a new
greenie on Wednesday. Until then I’m working downtown with Hermana Baquedano (Hermana Thompson’s old comp) because she’ll be training too and we’ll travel to Salta together. Our district leader is going to train
too so our district with be half newbies. So even though I won’t get a new apartment with a hot shower, I have 3 days of being able to use the shower in the city. I’ve never been so thankful for hot water in
my life than I was this morning. (Even though it was too hot and almost burned me. It doesnt even matter ;)

Much Love,
Hermana Pearson

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