Monday, June 2, 2014

Spiritual Walking Faith Bomb

A couple three weeks back (Indiana term) we had a branch activity that was a HUGE success. Why was it so successful you might ask? Because it was well planned? No. In fact the branch had planned for an outdoor activity but it was cold so the night before we changed ALL the plans and didn't even have the resources to tell barely anyone...Was it because a lot of people showed up? No. We got there 30 minutes late and were the first ones there. Later one by one 5 adults and 5 kids showed up. The member who knew how to make the tortillas that we were gonna make showed up last after like an hour and a half of waiting. The reason it was successful was a less active (who we invited) came. The next day she came to church and the next Sunday too. Yesterday in church she bore her testimony about wanting to raise her child in the gospel and how she had come back and was there to stay. After church she told us that she is always at home so she can do visits with us whenever we want. So yeah, talk about a successful activity, because it was the one thing that helped someone come back to church, it was soo worth it!

Well not gonna lie, this week was super rough. We couldn't teach even one of our investigators, so we contacted so many people. LITERALLY hundreds. But very few people wanted to talk to us. But instead of being disappointed or depressed or discouraged or stressed there was just a lot of peace and patience in my heart. I can't really explain it but it was like a tranquility shield. When people said rude or annoying things, it just bounced right off me. When our numbers were low or plans got changed or members fell through, I just felt so much patience. The Spirit was guiding me every step of the way and keeping my hopes up. Like ya know the Michelin man with the white marshmallow suit? I felt like I was walking around with a tranquility suit. Wow I sound so weird right now but that is the only way I can explain it! For those who know Spencer Taggart, it was like I was a Spiritual Walking Tranquility Bomb!

Fun the streets here are dirt but when it rains there aren't drains to drain the water so there are just lakes in the roads. On top of that, I don't know how it ends up like this, but sometimes there are huge (whats that word for the gutter type thing that surrounds a castle? I don't even know English anymore.)  Well long story short my companion stepped wrong and her whole shoe sank. When she took her next step her whole leg sank up to her knee. We passed by the investigator that we had an appointment with to tell her we needed to reschedule because we had to go home to clean off and wouldn't be able to make it back to the area. She was so sweet and had us come in and she washed Hermana Vargas's shoes. It's a good thing too because later we realized there was wet concrete in the mud. It was pretty funny (for me at least!)

And last but not least the picture my mom wants so bad! A horse carriage/cart. This one belongs to a blind, one-legged recent convert that got baptized the week before I got here!

Also an example of the streets we walk.

My companion's muddy leg.

The Sugar Factory in Bella Vista

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