Monday, June 30, 2014

You´d think we were trying to get people to go to the Dentist

So it’s really hard to get people to church. We have powerful lessons and we commit the investigators. Sometimes they even commit themselves BEFORE we say anything. Sunday rolls around and we go to every one of their houses and…nothing.

This Sunday we stopped by for Gabriela. There were a few drunks outside. When we asked for Gabriela they said “I think she lives next door.” I did a double take and was 95% sure it was her house so I persisted a little more. But they were drunk and kept saying “she doesn’t live here.” But then I saw her child so I said, “she lives here, that is her baby.” And the drunk was all like “oh, yeah I think she does live here…”

We had had such a great lesson with Noemi and I had so much hope that she would come. We made a breakthrough. She smokes and she isn’t married so she always uses that as an excuse for not getting baptized. But I asked her “if you were already married, would you get baptized today?” She said no. As we talked more about it, she found a doubt she didn’t know she had. She doesn’t understand why God would command us to make a promise that is impossible to fufill perfectly. So we talked about that. She even said we must have been using the Spirit to teach because it was exactly what she needed to learn. That was Saturday and she said she would be at church tomorrow. Last week she didn’t come either and left a member knocking and waiting and the taxi was honking too. When the same member offered to bring her to church I was certain she’d make it. But she didn’t come.

It's not like church is a bad place. I promise, it's a good one and when we get there, we feel a whole lot better. But trying to get people here is like pulling teeth.

But who did come? A man we’ve never taught before. We contacted him when we were with our faithful 3rd companion, Hermano Oscar, who is his aquintance. He offered to take him to church and well  he showed up! Now we just have to teach him!

That’s all I have time for!
Con Cariño,
Hermana Pearson

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